Rental Services

NYC is a fast pace rental market, properties come to the market fast and go off the market even faster, if you are familiar with the rental market in NYC and have the luxury of time to spare between searching online through various sites, then verifying that each property is legit and then calling each for information on requirements (each Landlord and Management is completely different.) scheduling appointments etc, then you definitely do not need a Broker or Agent. If you want to maximize your time cause time is money then you should use the services of a Professional that will help you not only to do the tedious search, calls and scheduling appointments for places base on your criteria with Landlords and  Management Companies requirements that suits you, lets face it time is money if you need a Professional Brokerage service We at Kateza Realty can help you for a flat renters fee.[*]

Relocation Services

We work with companies and schools helping their professionals and students finding a new home plus guidance tools regarding moving to a new city so they can have ease of process and peace of mind through every phase of the relocation. We have a low flat fee for outstanding services. [*]

Buyers Services

We represent from first time home buyers, experience buyers and investors, We first listen to your needs, We inform you and guide you thru the whole process. It will be a great pleasure to use our knowledge and experience to help you find your home.

Landlord and Sellers Services

We consult and inform you on how to market, price your property according to market price, do professional pictures, Open Houses, private viewings and appointments, Online presence and advertisement.

Agents Support

As an Agent for many Years in NYC We know and understand what independent contractors want and need; We care for the happiness of our people with constant tools improvements, higher commissions splits, no monthly fees, and educational seminars.

[*] = Not available for every listing.