Finding Your New Place

Renting an apartment or a house is not an easy process and no two markets are actually the same. For example, do you know that the rental market in NYC is very fast and that you should not start looking for your place before 4 or 5 weeks your move-in date? Do you know what are the income requirements for renting an apartment in Manhattan? Kateza Realty offers a wide range of services for all our customers. We do provide support for your short and long term rentals as well as our concierge package. We guide and help our clients to find their perfect home base on their budget location and preferences for a flat fee [*].

Location, Location, Location

To help you with your selection, we are here to help. We suggest you first try to familiarize yourself with the different areas and pick where you want to live in. Several factors might help you in making your decision (e.g., commute distance, closeness to public transportation, school district, or community type). You can refer to our online guide to renting in NYC to make yourself comfortable with the different aspects of deciding where to live.

Planning your Budget

Now you know where you want to live. Great. Now it is time to better understand what are your options in terms of budget. For long-term leases, most landlords have strict requirements when it comes to income and required documentation. We do provide a simple online calculator that provides some example and explanation about income qualification [**]. For those who need a furnished place from a month up to 11 months, requirements are usually different. Do not worry though, We do have short term services that can be book in person or from over seas for low flat fee [*].

On top of our regular services, we offer a Concierge Service Package, that not only includes our rental search, scheduling appointments, and all the assistance you need at contract signing, but also a series of services that will help you settle in. As an example, the Concierge Service Package (depending on the characteristics of your new place), might include a one time cleaning services (on us!), booking appointments with a reliable moving company, or finding the closest pet day care for your life companions.

Let’s Work Together

At this point, you are ready to start your search. You know the basics of what is required. For all the rest, there is Kateza Realty! We would be happy to offer you our services so that you can minimize spending hours and hours online looking through many (often not-verified) listings and maximize the time spent looking at apartments guided by our outstanding agents.



[*] = Not available for every listing.
[**] = The Calculator is provided as a self-evaluating tool only. Qualifications may vary depending on the area and the specific management company or landlord.