Moving to a new place could be stressful, specially if the place is in a different State or a different country. In many cases, maybe following a promotion (congratulations!), your company convinced you to move to a new place that is hundreds or thousands of miles away and that you are not familiar with, yet. In other cases you accepted the much earned offer for your dream job, but the dream is far away from your current home. What about you – a great student that just got accepted to the school you always wanted to go to… but the school is in the City that never sleeps. Whatever your reason is for relocating, let’s face it, NY has a very unique and fast paced market that is not easy to navigate.

Now it is decision time, and you decided to take this Amazing job opportunity, so you are moving. However, while getting ready for that new position at work, a new office or school, leaving friends and family behind and tons of furniture too (NYC places are usually small!), you also need to choose the place where you are going to live. First of all, you need to set a budget – a realistic budget (please check or calculator for an estimate on income requirements). After that, you should pick a location base on what is most important for you and your life style (e.g., being close to work/school, parks etc.)

Since you have so much on your plate right now, it makes sense to use the help and expertise of a professional who can guide you and help you to navigate this market.  Sure everybody knows someone that knows a lot about NY, however please keep in mind that this market is very complex and each Landlord or Management Company has different requirements. Why not maximizing your free time and minimizing your stress? At Kateza Realty we suggest you to use the services of a Professional and fortunately we can provide that service for a flat fee. [*]

Corporate Relocation

We work with your company directly to help your employees find a new home. We focus on providing an easy of process and peace of mind through every phase of the relocation: from a furnished short term to an unfurnished long term rental. We do provide corporate packages that include low flat fee contracts for outstanding services. [*]

For inquiries about setting up special priced flat fee programs or generic questions, please call us at +1 (646) 883-5892 or write us an e-mail at

Personal Relocation

So now that you have this Amazing job opportunity, congratulations! We can help you to begin your new adventure with the right foot, please see our Rentals page.


[*] = Not available for every listing.