Where, Who, How ? Help!

Where, Who, How ?

Renting in NYC is an interesting experience.

You are moving to NY, ready to begin a new chapter in your life , excited about the beautiful sights, plenty of entertainment and endless food choices, but finding an apartment could be one of the most stressful situations, first of all, you start your search on-line, without knowing in which neighborhood you should live in, the price range you should have, the size of apartment and available amenities you can afford, which apartments are available, what the Landlord requires etc. My recommendation to you is, yes go online review, compare, learn about different neighborhoods characteristics, each neighborhood is unique, find the area you like best, establish your priorities and your budget, please know places here are small and prices are high, downsize your possessions, for estimated information on prices per square foot here.

Let’s make it a little easier, you spend hours, days searching and trying to learn the rental market and now you are ready to make the move, the following tip guide should help:

  • It is a fast pace market, start your actual apartment search around 30 days before your move day.
  • Have paper work and financial funds available for when you find the right place.
  • Contact a professional to simplify the process, paying a Broker fee is not ideal, but it will help you to save tons of time and the right professional will find you the right place base on your wish list and budget.
  • Make sure you are up front with the Broker or Agent, on maximum price range, move date, desirable location, most haves (ie near transportation, near a park, laundry in the building, etc) the more precise you are the better.
  • Mention things you will not compromise with.
  •  If you have any pets, please inform your Agent, since not every building in NY is pet friendly and the ones that are, may have breeds and weigh restrictions.
  • Brokers fees in NY are usually 12% to 15% of the annual rent or one month of rent as a fee, please be aware of this fees before scheduling an appointment. At Kateza Realty We understand how expensive move in to NY can be, and to make it easier and simple for our clients We offer a lower flat rental fee. contact us for details at Katezarealty.com
  • Please know in order to rent an apartment you need to meet income requirements: in NY are 40xmonthly rent or 45xmonthly (depending on the Landlord.) rent or Guarantors 80xmonthly rent up to 100xmonthly rent.
  • Credit is usually required unless there is no credit history some Landlords will ask for prepayment on rent, extra security deposit or US Guarantor. Some Landlords accept Insurent in place of a Guarantor.
  • Form the moment you begin with an application to the moment you received final approval estimated time up to 1 week. case by case depends on the Management/Landlord company and how prepare you are.
  • Be inform, be prepare and enjoy this wonderful city!
  • Check our guides and feel free to email us or call us if you have any questions or for an appointment.